5 Steps to Dominate Your Social Media

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Naomi Anderson is Founder and Managing director of Ripper Tradie Media - A digital marketing agency dedicated to Aussie tradies, specialising in Social Media Management, Websites and SEO.

In recent years, social media has become a must for any tradie. However, many tradies don’t know how to take advantage of it or how to make social media work for them – i.e. convert followers into customers.

If you’re a new tradie looking to expand their following on social media, make an impact, and generate sales, the 5 steps to absolutely crush your social media are:

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Optimise Your Profile To Perfection

Optimising your profile on social media is essential for any tradie. Your bio is the first impression your potential audience will see and use to learn more about you and your business. To improve your profile, make sure to add the following to your description/bio:

  • Cover your audiences pain-points

  • How your service is the solution to the audience’s needs

  • Where are you located (areas that you cover)

  • How to contact you (phone number, email, website)

Put A Strategy Behind Your Social Media

Behind every successful social media account is a strategy guiding every step. Having a social media strategy can help you advance your tradie business, create more visibility, and drive new customers that might need your services.

A successful social media strategy starts with knowing your audience well and niching down so that you can create content that they will love. The second step is to plan your content in advance. This can be done by creating social media content calendars using the 4 content pillars (4 key areas in your business that you can then educate, entertain, sell, connect with your audience).  

Once you know your audience and the content you will be posting is time to think about what type of advertising you will be doing – organic or paid. Both paid and organic are important in dominating your social media and improving your brand recognition.

Make Your Content King 

Don’t just post for the sake of it – quality is always better than quantity. Instead, tailor your content according to your target audience’s needs. Create valuable posts that showcase your work, educate your audience, and bridge the gap between you and your followers. Use data/analytics to drive the type of content you create and what your audience wants to see.

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Don’t Forget To Engage

Engagement is a two-way street! No matter which social media channel you’re focusing on, the whole point is to connect with others. For your social media tradie account to pickup, engage with your target audience and focus on creating meaningful relationships with them. If you want others to start noticing your account faster, apply outbound engagement strategies where you engage with your audience’s content by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts.

A good rule of thumb is to engage at least 15 minutes before and after you post.

Employ Tools & Time-Saving Hacks

At Ripper Tradie Media, we like the phrase “Work smart, not hard”. Using tools to help you create content and stay on top of your scheduling game can really save some of your precious time! Must-have tools for every tradie are:

For scheduling  

Many scheduling apps allow you to plan your posts in advance, upload them, and schedule them for a later date! With a scheduling tool, you can stay consistent with your feed aesthetics and save time.  

Our absolute favourite is Facebook Creator Studio because it allows us to cross schedule between Facebook and Instagram, and it is for free! A few other handy tools for scheduling are Planoly, Preview, and Later.    


For content creation

If you’re looking for an absolute time-saver – you need to start batching your content. All you have to do is set one hour at the beginning of the week and create your content in one go. Using templates for your posts is a sure way to save time and create a coherent feed. Our absolute favourite tool for anything design-related is Canva!


For hashtags

For hashtag research and saving multiple hashtag sets, we use Flick.Tech. With it, you can easily find new hashtags, save them, and check how your post is performing in terms of hashtag reach and if it has reached the top in any of your hashtags.  


For strategy and captions

You will want somewhere to store all of your ideas and content calendars. Asana is a great tool that allows you to store your ideas, captions, and graphics for each post. All you have to do is transfer them to your scheduling tool, and you’re good to go!

When used correctly, social media can be wonderful for tradies seeking to create connections, expose their services to more people, improve brand perception!

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