Your membership is charged a subscription fee either monthly or annually according to the membership offer available at the time you joined. 

Unless you cancel your membership, this fee will remain the same for the entire duration of our Beta service period.

We do not charge additional fee's or commission for extra services as we believe in cost transparency. 

The fee you see is the fee you pay. We don't add service or eft processing fees. All our fee's are GST inclusive where applicable.


You may cancel your membership at any time.

You will still have access to your membership for the remainder of your paid membership period.

Unfortunately we do not provide refunds on memberships already paid, as we offer an extended trial period. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulty or extenuating circumstances, and wish to discuss this please contact us.

No. We are a networking platform.

Our goal is to equip Tradies and Businesses to network and connect independently.

We do not allow Recruiters or Labour Hire services to operate on our platform.

A verified Tradie has provided proof they hold the licences, tickets and qualifications that are listed in their Tradie Profile.

We re-check credentials each time a Tradie update's their profile and are not awarded the Verified badge until the changes are checked.

While Trade-o's verification badge may provide some peace of mind, it is no substitute for due diligence when hiring an employee or sub-contractor.

Our vision is for Trade-o to be a safe and professional platform for Tradespeople and Business owners to connect.

Because it is important for us that our members are free to connect with each other independently we do not manage communication via our platform. Additionally this means Trade-o has no authority, or involvement in any arrangements or contracts between users. 

From time to time there may be users who abuse the platform functionality and cause a negative experience for others.

We strongly encourage users to report these members on our support page, including as much information as possible so we can identify the user. If it is found that a user has breached the Trade-o terms and conditions we can revoke access to the platform and prevent future membership.

A Beta version is an early release where early-adopters such as yourself, can access and provide feedback on a service platform.

We know Trade-o is just what the Construction Industry needs, but your feedback will ensure it develops into the best tool it can be!

There may be minor speed-bumps along the way, but we are committed to resolving these as soon as we can. For this reason our Trade-o subscription fee's are at a significantly reduced amount during Beta.

If we do not have your qualification, trade, location or licence listed as an option on Trade-o we encourage you to let us know!

On our Trade-o Support Page you can submit a request so we can make changes and improvements to our service.