Apprentice Boilermaker x 2

As a long-established organisation, we at Kenro believe that our people are our greatest asset, and it is only because of our team that we have been able to reach this sustainable period of growth. With our factory located just 10 minutes from the Toowoomba CBD, we deliver a wide range of projects and pride ourselves on our high-quality work and customer service.


Due to growth, Kenro Metal Services is expanding and have opportunities available for motivated and passionate apprentice Boilermakers to join their team. Completing an apprenticeship as a boilermaker opens many career opportunities unmatched by many other trades and starting your career at Kenro gives you a chance to be exposed to a wide range of projects and industries – which is why we boast above average tenure of staff!

When you join our team, you will find yourself in an environment that allows you to learn the skills required to succeed in this trade. You will work with our Tradesmen and Assistants to get a 360-degree exposure and training around fabrication of steelwork in accordance with workshop drawings.


A demonstrated interest in boiler making as a career is essential for you to succeed in this role and any prior relevant work experience or study and mathematics ability will be highly regarded. With that in mind, it will be your determination and ‘can do’ attitude that will see you succeed in this position as you go through the stages of your apprenticeship.

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Kenro Metal Services




Boiler Maker


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12 July 2021

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Apprentice Boilermaker x 2

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