Property Maintenance Subcontractors

Select Property Services, established in 2019, is a South Australian family-owned and operated property maintenance company.

Jesse Wood, prior to establishing Select Property Services as you know it today, worked as a sole trader doing the work he loves to do, providing high-quality workmanship at an affordable price. Due to his workmanship and professionalism, his workload soon became much larger than he was able to attend to in a timely manner and so Select Property Services was born.


As a General Handyman you will be expected to work on-site as part of your everyday duties.

You will be required to:
• Provide your own reliable transport to and from your start & finish location/s. You may also be required to travel in your vehicle to alternate locations or to pick up various materials during work hours.
• Supply your own tools and personal protective equipment. It is your obligation to ensure that your tools meet the required workplace health and safety standard and are in good working order,
• Possess knowledge of how to operate tools and equipment - to manufacturer’s specifications,
• Transport your tools and PPE to each site,
• Work onsite - as such you will experience limited access to facilities and amenities, including kitchen and rest facilities,
• Work with limited or no supervision, and
• Perform physical work, often exposed to the elements. Accordingly, it is an essential requirement of the position that persons occupying the position have both the physical and mental fitness to work under these conditions.


A sub-contractor at this level:
• can interpret plans and drawings relevant to their functions;
• uses precision measuring instruments;
• comprehends basic material handling functions;
• operate small plant and pneumatic machinery;
• has some responsibility for the order and purchase of materials within defined parameters;
• operate a range of hand and power tools;
• has a knowledge of the construction process and understands the sequencing of construction functions;
• ability to work in a safe manner as not to cause self-injury or injury to others
• applies quality control techniques to the employee’s own work and other employees within the work team;
• utilises ICT equipment in the course of their employment;
• can complete paperwork required to ensure projects are completed; and
• can utilise basic problem solving skills.

Selection Criteria
Knowledge and Experience
• 2+ years’ experience as a professional handyman, or
• 2+ years’ experience in a labourer role in the building & construction industry, or
• 5+ years’ demonstrated experience in renovating residential properties.
Preferred Qualifications
• The equivalent or greater than, to Certificate II in Building and Construction, and
• Year 10 level education.
Required Skills - (Some training will be provided)
• Basic knowledge of I.C.T. devices including sending and receiving emails and texts, managing an electronic time sheet, etc;
• Knowledge of Health, Safety and Environment Obligations & PPE;
• Effective communication in the workplace;
• Use of selected hand tools & hand operated power tools;
• Basic fault finding skills;
• Lawn maintenance and rubbish removal;
• Gutter cleaning and minor repairs;
• Assemble and install flat packs including garden sheds, trampolines, etc;
• Wall fixings including mounting TVs, shelves, art work, cabinets, etc;
• Basic demolition;
• Basic plastering repair jobs;
• Painting;
• Supervised framing, skirting, architrave, etc;
• Basic door and lock installs; and
• More…

Key Systems and Equipment Usage
Basic systems knowledge required in
• Microsoft Office
• Google Chrome/Internet Explorer

• Drivers Licence (P-Platers Accepted)

• Own, reliable vehicle

Required Hand Tools
• Hammer;
• Wood chisels;
• Tape measure, ruler and builders pencil;
• Screw driver set;
• Hand saws and hacksaw;
• Level;
• Socket and spanner set;
• Wrecking bar;
• Shovel, pick and post hole digger;
• Stud finder;
• Pliers and wrenches;
• Tin snips;
• Mitre saw and block;
• Step ladder and extension ladder;
• Punch set;
• Paint brushes, rollers and drop sheets.; and
• Any specialty tools can be provided.

Power Tools
• Cordless drill and bits;
• Electric drill;
• Circular saw;
• Electric planer;
• Electric jig saw;
• Reciprocating saw; and
• Angle grinder.

Personal Protective Equipment
• Ear protection including ear muffs or plugs;
• Eye protection including safety glasses;
• Head protection including hair net or hat;
• UV protection including sunscreen and hat;
• Hand protection including gloves;
• Foot protection including steel capped boots; and
• Respiratory protection including respirators and dust masks.

• Expresses self effectively e.g. Appropriate use of tone and body language;
• Checks for understanding & uses listening skills;
• Influences others to achieve outcomes;
• Is open to feedback; and
• Appropriately resolves conflict/disagreement
Team Work/Leadership
• Can be relied upon to provide support to other team members;
• Works cooperatively with peers;
• Respects individuals in the site & knows the parameters of authority;
• Attentive & follows instructions; and
• Gets the job done with a minimum fuss.
Service Focus
• Acknowledges clients e.g. Makes eye contact, smiling and greeting;
• Communicates effectively with people with different needs & levels of understanding;
• Provides information in an appropriate manner e.g. use of tone, & body language; and
• Uses active listening skills.
Professional Attitude
• Maintains professional & neat appearance at all times;
• Exhibits positive body language & looks alert & attentive;
• Maintains fresh personal hygiene; and
• Displays high level of personal energy & commitment.

Eligibility to Work in Australia
You must ensure that you remain eligible to work in Australia for the period of your contract.

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30 June 2021

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