Cabinet Maker

Brio Joinery is a small family run business based in the western suburbs of Sydney. We specialise in bespoke cabinetry designs and have worked on commercial office and retail projects including domestic and commercial kitchens, vanities, laundry, entertainment & storage units, and home customisation.


We have an opening for the role of a Cabinet maker. Working alongside other qualified and skilled Tradesman, you will be shown all areas of our factory and onsite methods to ensure a smooth onboarding so you can hit the ground running. Your duties will include:
- Assembly
- Repairs
- Onsite installations
- Deliveries
- Working with machinery
- General workshop maintenance
As we are a custom-build joinery, each project will be different giving you a chance to flex your joinery skills and keep you engaged.

What we offer:
We are offering an attractive salary package for the right person. We pride ourselves in creating a safe and supportive work environment while giving you every opportunity to grow and develop your career further within the industry.


What you need to be successful:
- Have trade qualifications in Cabinetmaking or Shopfitting
- A minimum of 1 years in the trade, preferably with factory experience
- Demonstrated ability to read drawings and to produce a quality product
- Prioritise safety across all jobs
- Confident communication skills
- Ability to work to schedules and deadlines
- Demonstrated problem solving skills
- Ability work work in a team environment

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Brio Joinery

New South Wales

Sydney - Western Suburbs


Cabinet Maker

Construction Trades

Closing date:

24 December 2021

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Cabinet Maker

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