Being A Tradie: Having a Career in Specialised Trades

Being a trade specialist, such as electrical contractors or construction contractors, can be a lucrative career. Not only is it highly in demand all year round, but trade specialists also serve their communities through their profession. You may wonder what’s in it for you to choose to be a tradie as a profession. In this blog, we will discuss some plus points of being in this line of work.

Who Are Trade Specialists?

A trade specialist, tradesperson, or a tradie, is a skilled professional who works in a specific manual craft or trade. It includes any kinds of contractors that you may need to employ for construction jobs or plumbing jobs or any other kind of special trade. A tradie usually is skilled in one particular trade. However, some may even master different kinds of trades.

These are primarily contractual jobs. Some businesses might link you with a tradesperson that you require to get a particular job done. Trade-O is one such portal that links trade specialists with employers. There are also companies and small businesses setup that have different trades specialists on their panel to help you out.

Secure Employment

One of the most significant advantages of being in the trade specialist industry is that you will never be out of demand. While the work may change paces, you will still have some traction throughout the year. From maintenance work to new constructions and whatnot, there are endless opportunities for you to explore every day. While you may require some research before specializing in a particular trade, the chances are that you will have job security.

Being Your Own Boss

Being a trade specialist not only gives you job security but also empowers you to run a service of your own. You can easily look for projects and work opportunities without being associated with any company. Most of the people who master a particular craft choose to be their own boss.

Travel All-Around

Being a tradie can also help you accomplish your dreams of moving all around the country. Having specialized in a particular craft, you can offer services wherever you like. You can take up projects that take you places, or you can move around and get projects. Either way, the job entails exciting travels all around.

Sense of Achievement

A sense of accomplishment and achievement brings you a lot of joy. Being a tradesperson, you get to experience this joy more often. You create a material product at the end of each of your projects. You can see it in action, which brings a sense of achievement.


The most crucial element of any profession is what you earn out of it. Being a tradesperson, you have a secure earning. Although it varies from one project to another, and you may even start at a low wage, you get experience out of every project. This, in turn, adds value to your profile and increases your wages in the coming projects.


Being a trades specialist is a tough job. However, it does have its plus points. If you are looking to get into the trade industry, you must get a specialization qualification. If you have acquired your qualification and looking for work, Trade-O is the right place to get some initial traction. Check them out here:

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