Upcoming Trends to Look Out for in the Trade Industry

Every industry has been through a lot in the past year, and while some could not get back into the game, some are expected to bounce back better than ever. The trade industry falls into the latter category, and there are positive trends expected for it.

Working during the COVID-19 has been challenging. However, tradies are now equipped with better tools and understanding to deal with the situation at hand. Here are few trends pertaining to the trade industry and contractors that we can expect to see this year.

An Increased Demand

Analysts have seen a remarkable rise in the demand for tradies as the nation gets back on its feet after the pandemic. Even though the threat of the coronavirus is still around, different avenues are opening up that help cater to the situation.

Moreover, the Australian government announced, last year, that 15 mega infrastructure projects would be launched worth over 72 billion AUD. These projects are bound to open up as many as 60,000 job opportunities that will directly affect the trade industry. Furthermore, there are other government projects in the pipeline, in transport and other sectors.

Digital Shift

Even though online tradie hiring has been around for quite a while now, we may see an increased use of such platforms this year. More and more people prefer digital platforms. From customers posting jobs to service providers putting out their details, everything is done online.

The internet has created a larger audience and increased outreach massively. Not only this, but tradies may start utilising more digital tools for their convenience. We may see the industry become more tech-savvy.

Independent Workers

With increased accessibility, we can also see that many tradies will start working on their own. Even though service providers and larger contractor businesses will stay intact and get enough traction to sustain themselves, many apprentices and workers may observe that it is more profitable to go solo.

Increased demand for the contractors is directly impacting this decision. Tradies may be able to find flexible and suitable employment options more easily. This not only changes things for experienced tradies but also for newcomers as well. A large percentage of people who have recently acquired their certifications are well versed with the technology and are good at finding part-time jobs and small projects to get their businesses started.

Being More Mindful of Mental Health

Coming out of the pandemic, people are struggling with grasping the situation. The whole situation has taken quite a toll on people’s mental health, and tradespeople are no different. Awareness about mental health has been the talk of the town for quite some time. This year, we may see it gaining even more traction. Mental health insurance and counselling facilities for workers may become a primary concern for the employees.


Even though we have learned this past year that we cannot be sure about anything, we can vouch for these trends based on the data that we have collected. These trends are analysed based on market trends and how things have been for quite some time. Of course, these are probabilistic results, but the chances of these becoming a reality are very high.

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